SDN Plug-In for Cloud Forms?

Hello, i work for a SDN Vendor and would like to write a plug-in for Network Automation and Provisioning with Cloud Forms… do you guys have some material and framework info to share that i could write a plug-in against?Thanks

Hi @christx2,

we’ve actually just started down the path of looking at SDNs as providers in ManageIQ. I believe that @Fryguy is currently working on some modeling diagrams to help validate the model we’re starting with. It would be great to get your feedback.

As far as framework info, the best place to start is likely in the code. It’s a little more difficult with a brand new provider type like an SDN provider. But, the code will give you a start.

I also started a document a while back trying to detail what a provider is. That doc should give you something to chew on. I’m sure there are still a lot of unanswered questions there, though.

Thanks for your interest! We really look forward to seeing your perspective on the SDN provider.


Okay, cheers. I will ping Fryguy. It’s a general question wether ManageIQ would have a plug-in capability a la vCenter (to compare to Vmware, purely on functionality here) with an SDN provider from a Vendor. There could be some use cases for around having consistency for various Cloud workloads at the L3 layer.


Hey there, been reading the providers and threads on Networking in general, it appears the general theme here is that different providers have different methods in addressing how VMs and tenants populate the cloud_networks table, so there would need to be a way to correlate this if SDN is present; i…e in our case we have a single API that can be used under different Providers (i.e. OpenStack w/ Neutron, VMware using Vcenter plugins etc.), i cannot spot currently if the providers detect if a provider has found a plug-in in use. It’s very similar to the issue at hand with people using Neutron vs Nova networking in OpenStack, and detecting what is being used…
Happy to share and demo what we do with @fryguy - Let me know what everyones schedule is like being back after the Holidays and we could setup a time.