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Since upgrading to a RC4 I have lost the search functionality (for example in Infrastructure > Virtual Machines).

Previously a search box would be there but since the update it’s not there.

Any ideas?

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I think we had an issue a while back maybe March timeframe, but RC4 was June 8, so that can’t be it. I know on upstream/master I see all of the search boxes. I may try checking out RC4 next week to see if I can duplicate your issue.

. . . Dan

Actually it could very well be the upstream/master that I’m using. The screenshot below shows where the search bar normally appeared for me (on the right hand side).

Are there any features which can be switched on/off to enable/disable the search function?


Hmmm, I’m seeing this on the latest rebased master:

Hmm, not seeing your image that you attached.

Any ideas what could be causing this issue. We have around 1000 VMs, so having to scroll through to find the one we need isn’t ideal!

So strange that the image can’t be seen in the normal post, but I can see it in the preview when I edit it. Anyway, it just shows that the search box is there on my system on master.

We have been changing a lot of things, can you paste in the Version string from the Configuration / About page in the UI on your system?

i.e. (on mine):
Version master.20150706064249_685096a

Version string is: botvinnik-1.20150703171939_eb92001

So I have been able to replicate this issue on a fresh appliance (ESXI).

Booted the appliance, signed in, began adding providers (we have 2 RHEV environments, consisting of 35+ hypervisors and ~800 VMs, & 10 ESXI hypervisors).

After adding the 2 RHEV environments the search function on the Virtual Machines page was still present. After adding the ESXI systems and rebooting (to add more RAM) the search function had disappeared.

Is there any update on this topic, since it’s been replicated ?

@dajohnso Can you replicate this issue too?

Any ETA on when this might be solved?

@spole83 We are trying to find a system with this issue so we can debug it, so no ETA yet.

I think I’ve found how you can replicate it. I deployed a fresh install as my UI everything working fine. As soon as I added a custom logo the seach box disappeared.

Ah!! You’re right, when I remove the custom logo from my instance the search function is back!!

Good good!

Is this a feature or a bug? :slight_smile: If a bug, is there a corresponding GitHub issue that has been filed? If not, could someone file one?


Thanks for providing us the steps to recreate. We already have a BZ open on this issue.


This issue has been fixed: