Service automation log location on Kubernetes?

I’m new to MIQ but have been given the task to troubleshoot an issue with deployment from our Services Catalog since the ppl who built the solution have left the company.
We have MIQ running on Kubernetes and I’ve found the logs in /var/www/miq/vmdb/log folder on the manageiq orchestrator pod.
Now I was expecting to find something in the automation.log but all it contains is the entry that gets created when the pod was restarted (5 or 6 days ago).
In the MIQ web interface the automate logs should 3 different files when I click the refresh button:
1 dated 2022-02-03 (yesterday) which is empty
1 dated 2022-02-01 which has entries up to 2022-02-03
and 1 dated 2022-01-30 which has entries up to 2022-01-03

Nothing from today even though I have deployed services using a script located in Service\Provisioning\StateMachines\Methods successfully and the script has multiple $evm.log lines.

Can anyone shed some light on where I can find the relevant log files as I need to be able to debug this script.

Thanks in advance!!!


Eventually worked out that the logging is going to logstash and then captured in Elastic (Kibana)