Service Catalog created redundant VM


I am trying to provision a VM via Service Catalog. I tried to follow different ways such as “CatalogItemInitialization” and “custom state machine”(as shared in

The service dialog will takes in attributes like ‘vm_name’, ‘flavour’ that augment the default vm memory size etc. In the process of setting up the service item, ‘changethis’ was set as the default VM_name which should be overwritten during provisioning process. Only main different is probably that ‘pxe’ is used as provision type.

A peculiar behaviour was after submitted the service order, two VMs were created:

  1. a vm with new VM name
  2. a vm with named ‘changethis’ with all attributes, e.g. vm memory size, sticked to default. This undesired VM seems to be a clone of the VM template that were setup in ‘Request Info’.

The second VM is redundant. Does anyone encountered this as well? Hopefully someone can enlighten me on how to avoid this. Thanks.

@gmccullough can you review this question from @casius and forward to a SME if necessary.

You shouldn’t have any Request Info details if you’re following the ‘Custom State Machines’ chapter, as you should be using the ‘Generic’ catalog option type. Build_VMProvisionRequest creates its own provision request, this is probably why you’re getting two VMs.

Thanks, I did overlook the point on Generic Catalog.