Service Catalog Item variables


Need some help with regards to building automation using CatalogItems
I am trying to provision a vmware virtual machine using cloudforms and foreman and it works well
I have been trying to write scripts for Automation in the Service Section which I want some help
I have created a Catalog Item naming “CentOs 6.5” description “CentOs 6.5” and I want to know what is the variable name used for the same that I should use in the Automation Script ??
Which object should I call to pass the name “CentOs 6.5” to foreman?
Created a Catalog Item in Cloudforms named "CentOs 6.5"
Scripts are already in place to connect to Foreman and provision a server. I have hardcoded the Operating System Name “CentOs 6.5” in my script but I would like to call the $evm object for the catalog Item and pass the parameter to foreman
Can you please help me with what will be the variable name??

Please let me know if you need any further info