Service catalog with instance type


I was managed to create service catelog for aws EC2 with a specific vm name using the parameter vm_name… A service dialog with parameter instance_type(as per the service dialog.xml) is supposed to change instance type too, but it doesnt work. McGowan’s book suggest to use “inspectme” to get the exact parameter, but it doesnt output anything related to instance type either. How can I replace the parameters mentioned in catalog items?


@adlinix We created a tool to help rebuild the provision request parameters so it could be used to resubmit as an API call. You could use it here as well to see what values are being passed for instance_type for an existing request.

Also, your catalog item needs to be using the CatalogItemInitialization state-machine instance in automate which does the work of passing down the parameters to the provision task.

Original PR:

Let me know if that helps.

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