Service Catalogue dynamic elements

Hi everyone,

I have a use case for ManageIQ service catalogues, and dynamically adding elements to the dialog form.

For example, I could create a service catalogue to provision an OpenStack VM. For this VM, I may want to add multiple NICs. The envisaged workflow is:

  1. User selects the first network from a “Network” dynamic drop-down, which lists the networks available on the OpenStack tenant
  2. User selects a button to add a new Network drop-down to the dialog
  3. User selects the second network from the newly added Network dynamic drop-down

I’ve had a look at the service catalogue dialog settings, though I can’t seem to find any option that would represent this behaviour.

Has anyone had a similar use-case? At the moment, the best solution I have is to use a separate web-app with JQuery and fog to dynamically add the form elements, and use the REST API to submit the provision request.


@gmccullough can you review this question from @jockey10 and forward to a SME if necessary.