Service dialog requiring an element box

The service dialog is requiring an element box. Is this a recent change?

This has not changed. Dialogs were always defined as tabs, boxes and elements.


|-> Tab
    |-> Box
        |-> Element
        |-> ...
    |-> Box
        |-> Element 

Should the element box be a required field? Ideally, you should be able to call a service catalog without the dialog but seeing how its required, I’m forced to enter an elemental. Didn’t use to work like this…Thanks

Recently there was change made to Dialog editor to not allow user to be able to save a Dialog if they haven’t added an element to a dialog. Dialog is of no use if it doesn’t have any elements/fields in it.

So this change will allow you to order a catalog item without having the define a dialog? Currently you cannot order a catalog item without a service dialog, even if its blank.

The change i mentioned above has nothing to do with ordering a catalog item, that change is related to adding/edititng of actual Dialog. In another PR code was changed to force user to select a Dialog if user checks the checkbox “Display in Catalog”

I get your point…however you cant order a service item without a service dialog. If I’m not passing any elements and its a required field then I cant make an order.

Thanks for your input as well.

Hey rodp,

What some folks are doing is creating a simple dialog with a single (even pre-checked) check box that says something like “Please confirm your order” or “I agree to the terms and conditions blah blah blah”, then the user presses submit or cancel.

Perhaps that could work for you.

. . . Dan

Thanks Dan…I was doing something similar I just wanted to confirm this was by design. Appreciate it. Rock on!!