Service Dialog : send an email to the approver to say that a request has arrived


I provision VMs from a catalog associated with a dialog.

I’ve managed to make sure that there is an approval on every VM creation request.

However I would like 2 emails to be sent :

  • one to the approver indicating that a request has been submitted and that it should be validated or not
  • one to the requester indicating that the request has been accepted or not

The approver and the requester have of course 2 different mails.

I can receive an email when the request is validated. (because the user has the email address in his profile) and I suppose that this is done through : System/Notification/Email/ServiceTemplateProvisionRequestRequesterDenied

I think we should send this mail to the approver but it is impossible :

It’s the same for : System/Notification/Email/ServiceTemplateProvisionRequestRequesterPending
I can’t got a mail from this instance too.

How can I do it ?

Thank you for your help.