Service dialog tagcontrol tags don't get applied

Hey everyone,

I have a tagcontrol in my servicedialog from a specific category that looks like this:

(I need these values to be tags because it syncs with the tags from VCSA)

But the weird thing is that they don’t show up in the tag section from the provisioned vm or service.
The tag control dropdown is called “vm_tags”, I’ve also tried “tag”, “tags”, “TagControl” and “tag_control” but nothing seems to work

I’ve also added some other tags (from other categories) to the service catalog item but they also don’t show up anywhere when i order a catalog item.

I’ve used tools like object_walker but can’t find the tags when scrolling through my logs.

Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks in advance.


For the tags to be applied to both the service and the VMs/Instnaces that are provisioned the name of the Service Dialog Element needs to be tag_<#>_<tag_category_name>.

The number (#) indicates what object(s) in the Catalog Item/Bundle will be tagged. A 0 will tag all objects in the CI (service and vms). A 1 will apply the tag to the first Catalog Item in a Catalog Bundle.

As an example (using an OOTB tag category) if you wanted to tag the service and all VMs that are provisioned by the Catalog Item with the location category, the element name in the Service Dialog would be called tag_0_location.

Looking at your screenshots I think you want the name to be tag_0_vm_tags

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Is there a way to apply this tags to the AWS service?

( I was able to set the tag into the Catalog and inside ManageIQ, but it not goes to AWS. )

ManageIQ Tags have nothing to do with AWS Tags. You need to set them yourself in AWS through Automate