Service Hierarchy

I am respawning some old code that creates multi-level service hierarchy. And it does not work…
It worked a year ago, so something must have changed. I remembered @pemcg had a chapter about it in his book [1], so I thought I might have missed something, but I don’t know what.

I have there levels of services:

  • [svc] Top Level
    • [svc] VM Service
      • [vm] VM 02
    • [svc] Resource Group
      • [svc] VM Service
        • VM 01

When I go to ‘My Services’, I only see the top level service, with all the VM in this service, no tree.
I checked with rails console and the parent_service of each service is correct. So I checked VMs: vm.service gives me the top level, vm.direct_service gives me the actual service. So it looks like the tree only uses ‘service’ and not ‘direct_service’…

Has the behaviour changed recently ? How would I create such a service tree ?


@fdupont I think you are running into the issue recently fixed here:

Indeed, it is that issue. I applied the patch, both on ManageIQ Fine 1 and CloudForms 4.2 and the services are visible again as a tree. However, they are also all visible in the main panel.

Is it supposed to happen ?