Service order from Automate


I have come to order services from inside Automate methods (many use cases, that I can explain). However, the only way I have found to do that is to call the API with a service account. To keep ownership on the items, I have added optional invisible fields in my dialogs that are used to pass user and group names. These fields are then used in an additional state that sets ownership, thus implements so impersonation.

While it works as expected, I feel it unnatural. I thought I had read somewhere that there would be a native method added to $evm to order services, just like we can create automation requests with $evm.create_automation_request.

Have I dreamt ? Is it planned ? Is it simply hidden (I checked master branch) ?


Hi Fabien

There’s a new $evm.create_service_provision_request method. Check the code in /System/Request/order_ansible_playbook for an example of its use.


Wonderful! I’ll give it a try very soon…
Thanks a lot @pemcg.