Service provision workflow: clone_to_service and CatalogItemInitialization relationship

Hi Guys

I want to speedup service provisioning workflow as much as possible and start to investigation of service provision workflow. I need to create Service for OpenStack instance provision and by log analysis I found that first executed clone_to_service state machine which execute CatalogItemInitialization which creates tasks for OpenStack instances provisioning.

I want to understand what states I can remove from clone_to_service and from CatalogInstanceInitialization to speedup service provision process.

The assumption of the relationship of state machines was erroneous. The first machine launched is CatalogItemItinalization (in general, the one that is specified in the configuration of the service). Then, by calling “execute”, the state machine “clone_to_service” is started. To improve the speed of execution and increase the flexibility, I split the initialization state machine from the service creation state machine. Second has only two stages - provision and checkprovisioned: