Service retirement with custom role

I’ve just figured out that I can’t retire a service using some custom role via the SSUI ( Hammer 2 ).

Here is the role conf for the Service UI :

When I try to retire a service, I have the following error ( nothing usefull in the logs ) :


So, I’ve tried with the same user throught the admin ui. Here is the Services filters for the role :


When I retired the service, the retirement process is approved but I had the following notification :


And this appeared in the evm.log :

[---] E, [2019-03-26T13:20:38.997512 #1407:c907c0] ERROR -- : MIQ(service_controller-x_button): Error during 'retire_now': not authorized

Do you have any ideas ? As my customers only have access to the Service UI, they cannot properly retire their service on their own.

I’ll try with the default role to see if happened too.

I’ve just found this about VM retirement :