Service's retirement date


Is there a possibility to add a retire day for a service when provisioining a catalog item ? you can do it with VM, but didn’t find any ‘retires_on’ attribute for a service.


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Hi tonimaatta,

We don’t currently support setting a retirement date for service provisioning, but you could modify your catalogiteminitialization/catalogbundleinitialization automate methods to add that functionality.

You could add a date field to the service dialog. My test field was “service_retires_on”. Since it’s a dialog option, it will be automatically prefixed with “dialog_”. You could check specifically for the dialog attribute in the catalog*initialization methods and set the service retires_on date accordingly.

I tested with the latest version of the catalogiteminitialization method, so my change would be:


# added after the service name and description override
def service_retires_on_date(dialog_options_hash)
  # could add logging here as well
  service_retires_on_date = dialog_options_hash.fetch(:service_retires_on, nil)
  @service.retires_on = service_retires_on_date unless service_retires_on_date.nil?

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.


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Is there any support for service date retirment in CF4 without adding any methods?