Set vLan from Service Dialogs


I am trying to overwrite the value of the name of a VM, it’s CPU, Memory and vLan from a Service Dialogs when a User needs a new VM.
I’ve been able to overwrite all this variable except for the vLan. I can’t find a way to retrieve all the vLan available in vsphere and I have no clue on which variable I have to overload (like vm_name for the VM’s name).

At least, is it possible?


Here are the method names for all of them.

VM Name = vm_name
Memory= vm_memory
CPU= cores_per_socket
VLAN = vlan

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Hello @geek-man,
Thank you for your answer !
I suppose that it is possible to retrieve those vlan from vsphere in a “Service Dialogs”.
Will put the answer here as soon as I fond it out.


Check this:

Hi @xian,
Thank you for your answer but unfortunately what you linked reference the basic Lifecycle service provided by ManageIQ and I try to simplify as much as possible for the user this process (cf : only reference the name / cpu / memory and network) and with this service you have to indicate the cluster, etc, etc… (which we don’t want).

Maybe there is what I’m looking for in this topic but I can’t find out where.
From the comprehension I have of Service Dialogs you can make one from the UI or from importing a .yml file but I did not find what I have to do/put in the .yml file to be able to list the vLan like it is done on the default service provided by ManageIQ (what you linked).

Still thanking you for taking the time to answer me.


You don’t have to provide the cluster, just set auto-placement on the Environment tab of the Request info. You’ll set the virtual network only.

You may want to read this chapter: Creating a Service Catalog Item.

Hello @Hammer

How is it going?
Did you get that to work?

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Hi @geek-man & @xian,

@xian : I have multiple client on multiple cluster so I don’t think auto placement is a solution for my environement.

@geek-man : At the moment I doing it with ansible but I’ll be back at the solution with manageiq tools asap. I will put updates on this thread.

Thank you all.