Setting up Load Balancing Proxies

This is my first post so please my ignorance. We are currently Test Manage IQ to replace an existing product for metering our customers VI.

Our setup is as follows:

Manage IQ Server is in our cloud infrastructure. We are in the process of adding 3 MIQ proxies to our DMZ that will communicate with another MIQ box in the customers evironment for metering.

Has anyone here done this? One of our short timers here has worked with CloudForms in the past and says that it’s doable but doens’t have the cycles to help me out.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


@gmccullough would you be able to assist @hectormg with this question,…or forward to a SME.

Thanks Guys, any help would be greatly appreciated. We are in uncharted waters and really see the value of ManageIQ but we just want to use one part of it right now. Hopefully we aren’t looking at a setup that’s not feasible.

Thanks again,


Well, here’s the latest. I’ve managed to have an MIQ install in our corporate officce to act as one of our custoemers. I have another MIQ box sitting on our DMZ with a NAT’d external facing address and finally our master MIQ server sitting in our datacenter.

I’ve managed to configure the MIQ appliance sitting in the DMZ to act as an “external database on another CFME Appliance” for both the master appliance sitting in our DC and for our customer POC.

Now, how can I access the records that the customer facing MIQ is polling? I’m sure I’m missing something since my forehead is showing signs of getting flatter from hitting my head against immovable objects.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


okay, so the latest is that I’ve had to rebuild my primary MIQ appliance after a change in database rendered it broken.

To catch everyone up, the MIQ located at the customer site has the database set as using external postgres on another EVM (this is one of our proxies). Then the same for the proxy. It’s database is set as external postgres on another EVM (this would be the primary EVM appliance).

Database set on the primary is internal. After deploying the latest primary and making an attempt to configure the database location to the new primary, my proxy is dead as well. Meaning I cannot access the Web UI now.

Can anyone provide any help? It’s that I’m just talking to myself now. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I knew what I was doing but I’m definitely over my head in this now.