Sharing Service Catalog Items between Tenants

I have a question related to service catalog item visibility for users assigned to different tenants.

In my environment I have the following tenant structure:

Acme (Root Tenant)
Acme -> Department-A (Project of Acme)
Acme -> Department-B (Project of Acme)

I have the following department tags:

Department: Department-A
Department: Department-B

I have the following groups in Active Directory configured:

Department_A_Users (Assigned to Tenant Department-A, Tagged Department: Department-A)
Department_B_Users (Assigned to Tenant Department-B, Tagged Department: Department-B)

Given the following two Users:

Jack member of Department_A_Users
Jill member of Department_B_Users

Jack creates a service catalog item called “Automation” which gets placed in the tenant Department-A.
Jack tags the service catalog item with Department: Department-B

Jill logs into MIQ->Services->Service Catalogs however she cannot see the service catalog item called “Automation”

How can Jack in Department-A share his catalog item with Jill in Department-B ?

You need to put the catalogue item into tenant 0 (ACME) to share between both projects. See the visibility rules in

How do you do this without placing the user groups in the root tenant?

You could create an additional group for this with limited role capabilities, assigned to designated users in the projects. Users with multiple group memberships can change their hats (group) in the UI to create shared items.