Should we setup common user/developer task aliases in manageiq?

For example, in appliances, the testing team requested we alias “vmdb” to cd to the “vmdb” directory here.

What are common tasks we might want to add aliases for users and developers?

I can never remember the database lives in /opt/rh/postgresql92/root/var/lib/pgsql/data
Maybe setup a symbolic link in ~/postgres?

Also the postgres service name is a little long, so I’ve been using yum install bash-completion. service post<tab>

I would like to move most of the configuration tasks out of core vmdb, and into the appliance console.

Migrations and stuff are vmdb centric. Not so sure about the REGION file.
But dumping/loading the database, creating a database.yml, and configuring replication are more of an operations type responsibility. I want to pull that stuff out into the appliane_console

Pull out doesn’t mean I want to change the work flow all that much. While the rake tasks may not live in vmdb proper, they would still be accessible via a gem. Think rails rake tasks. They do not live in our code but they are accessible from within the gem.

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