Show dialog options of service

(How) can I show the dialog options submitted for a service so that I can see what exactly I ordered? Do I need to modify some templates for that? I’m interested in the solution for service explorer and self-service ui as well.


I ended up with creating a button connected to a form and a dynamic dialog field (read-only text area). I’m calling the following simple code to display dialog options:

exit MIQ_OK

This is not as user friendly as displaying the original form but better than nothing:

I was thinking of using the original dialog and making all fields read-only. But for that I’d need to set all fields dynamic and the methods would need to decide if this is a provision (making the fields read-write) or a button call (making the fields read-only). This seems to be too complicated…

Another idea was to duplicate the dialog, and make only the button version dynamic and read-only.

Unfortunately the above code does not work from the self-service UI, $emv.root['service'] is nil altough I use the button from a service. Any ideas why?