Single pane of glass


My single pane of glass works good for my VMware and RHEV vms. How can I add my physical and OracleVMs to the mix?

Only solution I found for the physical enviroment is to deploy an openstack to manage it and then use CloudForms to manage my openstack. Any other alternative that wouldn’t need me to deploy yet another layer? idk…like a “phyisical infrastructure provider”?

I wasn’t able to find any roadmap for OracleVMs in ManageIQ nor CloudForms docs. Any idea if this is going to be added and when? I see solutions like CloudStack that are able to integrate with OracleVMs :confused:

Thank you very much!


Have you tried configuration providers (like Foreman and Ansible)? They can be used to get and update information about your physical environment. If you missing features it would be great to know what your are missing from those providers.

For Oracle VM there was an initial provider that was doing authentication and inventory in a couple of PR, but the code was not ready to be merged, and was never finished. I would be a great addition, if somebody was capable of getting the code and updating it.

Hi Sergio!

Although I’m using Ansible Tower as a conf provider in my CloudForms env., I wouldn’t know how to get info from it and make it available for things like “charge back” or “capacity planning”. I mean, I realize I can do some things with Ansible with my physical enviroment but I’m missing the overall “manage all things” when I’m only able to make configurations changes or even provisioning (I have it integrated with Satellite too). I’m new to CloudForms so I’m most likely missing more than one or two things. Is there a way to have that visibility? I mean, same visibility as if it was a VM but with physicals?

I’ll take note of that suggestion regarding picking up the code (I saw the post from 2014 in this forum about it and its read-only capabilities)…at least one of my customers would defenitly deploy the solution if that was a functionality. I guess the scenario is the same for many others in which they are “forced” to use OracleVM for their Oracle loads as it has some licensing advantages for Oracle (soft partitioning basically).

Thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I don’t think you can get that visibility with configuration providers, as you need access to the c&u data (rhv datawarehouse, ceilometer or equivalent). Perhaps some other can give you more information about that.

Let me know if you want to pick up the code or if you have resources to do it. I can help you with the planning, and there are companies that can help you with the coding.