Single success/error email for service (bundle) provisioning


We’re in the process of implementing a self service provisioning process with automatic configuration with the help of a few playbooks, but I’m having trouble thinking of a good way to notify the users about any errors during the process.

Now the successful provision email can be easily added at the end via a generic service item which has its entry point set to an email instance. That’s all fine and great except for that even if all of the service items fail beforehand the user still receives the email like everything went perfectly. We also wish to inform the user about any failures during the process via email, but want to limit it to just one email so simply modifying the “update_serviceprovision_status” method to send an email if an error occurs isn’t a great solution.

My question basically is: How do I modify the service provision process so that the user who orders the service receives just one email saying either everything went great or something failed?

P.S.: Have a case of impostor syndrome since I feel like I’m implementing the whole process by modifying almost every automate state machine and method to achieve what we want. Is there something I’m missing or is large scale code modification/adaptation to be expected from ManageIQ/automate?