Smart state analysis fails with VIX_E_DISK_NOLICENSE

I’m using ManageIQ 4.0, I installed VDDK 5.5, ldconfing and enabled the role. Smart state analysis fails against vCenter 5.5.0, 2183111 with:

Unable to mount filesystem. Reason:[FFI::VixDiskLib::ApiWrapper#open (errcode=16064 - VIX_E_DISK_NOLICENSE): The host is not licensed for this feature -

but this is not standalone ESXi, it’s a full vcenter (see|201748); I enabled scan_via_host: false in advanced configuration. Any hints?


@rpo @jerrykbiker Can you help out here?


I’ve encountered this error and if I recall properly it’s due to permissions issues on the vCenter for the ManageIQ account.
I think it requires the “License” role under General at the vCenter level, without propagation.