Smart State Analysis. How to see the files?


I’m doing smart state analysis on a VM on ESX.
I have configure my onw analysis profile with a list of custom files and I see in the logs that the analysis is done successfully and my analysis profile is being used.

Now, how do I see the content of the files?
When I enter in my VM information I see always “files → 0” in the “configuration” section

Thank you.

You should copy the sample profile to a new profile called ‘default’, and then you’ll be able to edit the files list. Are you seeing the other additional information that SmartState gathers? A successful SmartState Analysis adds quite a bit more information to the VM details screen, for example:


Hi. I’m seeing all that, the SSA seems to be executed correctly:

This is the Profile:

And some logs that shows the profile is applied:

INFO – : MIQ(policy-enforce_policy): Resolving policy [Assign Production Analysis profile]…
INFO – : MIQ(action-invoke) Invoking action [Assign Production Analysis profile] for successful policy [Assign Production Analysis profile], event: [VM Analysis Request], entity name: [NFS - test], entity type: [Virtual Machine (VMware)], sequence: [1], synchronous? [true]
INFO – : MIQ(action_assign_scan_profile): Action [Assign Production Analysis profile], using analysis profile: [Production Analysis profile]
INFO – : Q-task_id([job_dispatcher]) MIQ(policy-enforce_policy): Event: [vm_scan_start], To: [NFS - test]
INFO – : Q-task_id([job_dispatcher]) MIQ(policy-enforce_policy): Event: [vm_scan_complete], To: [NFS - test]
INFO – : MIQ(condition-eval): Name: Production VM, Expression evaluation result: [true]

So it seems the problem is that I was using as “Policy’s event assignment” the event “VM Analysis Request” and the correct one is “VM Analysis Start”.