Smart State Analysis support for GlusterFS?

Hi all, we’ve recently deployed oVirt 3.6 with GlusterFS backed storage and installed capablanca-1.20160122130225_d9bbf5 to help manage the cluster.

However, after configuring the Smart Proxy role, enabling host level access and running a smart state I get the following error message:

“Vm storage type [GLUSTERFS] not supported [1], aborting job [21364a36-bffe-11e5-94bc-001a4a16017a].”

which I assume is because GlusterFS isn’t yet supported?

Is someone able to

  • Confirm wither this is correct
  • Wither there is a work around that doesn’t include moving the oVirt datastores to NFS
  • Wither GlusterFS support is on the roadmap.


I believe that GlusterFS is not supported at the moment, but I believe if it’s attached as NFS, and appears as NFS to the scanning stack it should work fine.

@rpo might be able to fill in more details than that. I’m not sure of the plans in this space.

It might work when attached as an NFS share, but I think the issue is it’s reporting itself as “GLUSTERFS” instead of “NFS”, and the code doesn’t recognize it.

For SSA, the fix may be as simple as treating GlusterFS as NFS, but we’ll need an environment in which we can test that assumption.

Thanks for getting back to me guys.

I guess my only concern with NFS is that it’s a one to one relationship and doesn’t seem to take advantage of the clustered nature of Glustler.

That being said, I’ve got a lab environment and would be open to finding a work around as @rpo mentioned above.

Is there any code available to do some testing?
I am lacking SSA for gluster at the moment.

@rpo Any updates from your end?

Not yet. We haven’t had time to investigate this. I just opened an issue so we can track it.


It seem’s that in the current nightlies the SSA on glusterfs are working. Great !

Yes, support for this was added in PR: