Smart State support for BTRFS

Hi all,

Got a few questions I was hoping someone could help with.


  • oVirt 3.6
  • GlusterFS backed storage (Now mounted to oVirt via NFS)
  • capablanca-1.20160122130225_d9bbf5

When preforming a smart state analysis on a system located on NFS storage the task is failing with the following error.

ERROR -- : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Redhat::InfraManager::Vm#scan_via_miq_vm) ScanMetadata error status:[16]:  message:[Unable to mount filesystem.  Reason:[No root filesystem found.]]

From the logs we’re able to see that the server’s host and storage domain is being successfully discovered as

[[----] I, [2016-01-26T17:13:26.190319 #45219:115d988]  INFO -- : MIQ(MiqRhevmVm.mount_storage) Mounting nfs://aklsrv002.corp:/vm3 on /mnt/aa939c6b-042b-4a50-951b-89c278697130/aklsrv002.corp:_vm3 for 5ecd6023-c897-42cf-b65c-0e2e966c90e3


  • Running the mount command manually completes successfully
  • Located disk
  • (./5ecd6023-c897-42cf-b65c-0e2e966c90e3/images/eeabe195-a096-47e0-94b6-f3e3ef93ff57)
[----] I, [2016-01-26T17:14:26.598309 #45219:115d988]  INFO -- : MIQ(FsProbe-getFsMod) FS probe detected [XFS] for [/mnt/aa939c6b-042b-4a50-951b-89c278697130/aklsrv002.corp:_vm3/5ecd6023-c897-42cf-b65c-0e2e966c90e3/images/eeabe195-a096-47e0-94b6-f3e3ef93ff57/4334965f-7d33-4d5f-8faf-f7d173a8ea10] [partition: 1]

[----] E, [2016-01-26T17:14:26.640019 #45219:115d988] ERROR -- : Unable to mount filesystem.  Reason:[No root filesystem found.] for VM [/rhev/data-center/00000001-0001-0001-0001-000000000102/mastersd/master/vms/aa939c6b-042b-4a50-951b-89c278697130/aa939c6b-042b-4a50-951b-89c278697130.ovf]

Suspected Issue

  • These systems are running BTRFS and I suspect that this is where the issue.
  • The error above is a [BUG] as it describes the file system incorrectly


  • Can someone confirm wither we can SSA a system with BTRFS on it?
  • What would be involved in developing support for BTRFS?


Currently there is only support for Ext3,4 FAT32 ISO9660 NTFS & XFS

@rpo Please review

Correct, we don’t currently support BTRFS. We would have to implement a BTRFS module for SSA in order to support it.

For future reference, here is BTRFS On-Disk Format