Smartproxy affinity with only 1 provider and multiple CFME instances

I am implementing CFME 5.4 in a VMware environment.
The environment consist of a vCenter server located in Europe including 2 esxi hosts.
2 esxi hosts in the United States and 2 esxi hosts in Asia.

All esxi instances are managed and configured from the Europe vCenter center.

There are 3 CFME instances, on every location (Europe, United States and Asia) there is 1 instance running.

What I want to accomplish is that smartstate analysis and collection of data is done within the geographical location.
If I read the documentation correctly that can be accomplished by creating regions.
But in my specific case that cannot be accomplished because I have only 1 vCenter server.

Is it possible that in 1 region with 1 zone and 3 CMFE applicances the smartproxy affinity can be set on geographic boundaries.

From the documentation:
"A provider that is discovered by a server in a specific zone gets monitored and managed in that zone. All
jobs, such as a SmartState Analysis or VM power operation, dispatched
by a server in a specific zone can get processed by any CloudForms Management Engine Appliance assigned to that same zone."
The problem is that because I have 1 vCenter server, I can only have 1 provider.

Please keep this forum for the ManageIQ project, and not the CloudForms product.



Sorry for that,

Also raised a case @ RedHat.
In MIQ the same setup will have the same outcome.
We use both CF and MIQ in our environment, that’s why I mention it also here.