Smartstate analysis ERROR No eligible proxies


smartstate analysis is failing when I try to analyze a vm.

ERROR – : Q-task_id([job_dispatcher]) MIQ(VmScan#process_abort) job aborting, No eligible proxies for VM :[[vsanDatastore] 82cbe55a-176a-f9c0-6927-0000c9c02700/Ans2016-SQL1.vmx] - [No active SmartProxies found to analyze this VM], aborting job [94186034-137e-4db6-ad3f-9fbe90494d9e].

I’ve googled on this - seems to point to vddk issue. I am running vsphere 6.7 and have installed VMware-vix-disklib-6.7.0 - just wondering if there is a compatibility issue - should I try and older vddk.


Never mind… I did backlevel to VDDK 6.0 and it didn’t help… I had to actually flip the SmartProxy switch in the config. Me being stupid… Poor little appliance is VERY busy now, will have to setup a worker next.

@jogdial just a note - VDDK 6.7 isn’t supported for Smartstate yet - I believe the latest supported is 6.5. But that was not the reason for the “No eligible proxies” issue. The config switch you changed would be. You would have hit a different error using 6.7 once you got past the “No eligible proxies” error.

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