[Solved] Azure doesn't see VM instances

I added an Azure cloud provider and it can connect and get some information like security zones. However, it’s not showing any VM instances. I have a bunch of VMs in the classic section. Does something different have to be done for those? Are there logs that show what info is being exchanged with Azure?
Also what’s the significance of the Region configuration item. Would 2 providers have to be created to show things in US and Europe?
Thanks in advance.

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We don’t currently support the classic side, so you won’t see those VM’s.

Regarding the regions, yes, you will currently need to create one provider per region. However, an enhancement that allows you to select multiple regions per provider is in the works.

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Hi @djberg96, regarding that enhancement about multi regions - is that available?
I have many subscriptions that have resources in multiple regions, and i cant see them under single view.

Unfortunately it was never finished, and then other priorities took over.