[Solved] C&U data not available

Can’t get C&U data from OpenStack instances.
C&U collection and all tree C&U Server Roles are enabled.
Any thing else should be done?

It seems that @adlinix has a similar problem with EC2 here: Capacity and utilization data


Hi @manel,

What version of the application are you running? It looks recent.

We had a bug fairly recently where server roles enabled through the UI were not getting saved to the database.

PR 8798 was merged recently but probably hasn’t made it to a new build yet.

You could try applying that patch directly and see if that fixes your problem.

Hope that helps!



Patch applied but the problem persists.

Thanks @blomquisg

The problem was in Ceilometer, not in MIQ, eventing wasn’t proper configured.

Sorry and thanks @blomquisg