[SOLVED] DOCUMENTATION UPDATES - Click the Datastore accordion, and select a Factory → Service class

I am following the documentation steps to create an item in the service catalog and provision it.

Where is the service class that the docs refer to located now? I now it has been restructured.
Also, in my test enviroment I only have one datastore domain which is locked, I guess I have to create a new one and copy class over there that I want to modify, correct?

Thanks in advance Creating a Method in the Factory/Service Class
Procedure 6.3. To Create a Method in the Factory/Service Class

  1. Navigate to Automate → Explorer.
  2. Click the Datastore accordion, and select a Factory → Service class.
  3. Click the Methods tab.
  4. Click (Configuration), then (Add a New Method).
  5. Type in a Name and Display Name.
  6. In the Data field, type in the method contents.
  7. Click Validate and wait for your data entry to be successfully validated.
  8. Click Add.

I apologize for the issue. We’re working on the documentation and hope to have updates very soon.

Services are now located in the /ManageIQ/Service namespace.
Service methods are located in the /Service/Provisioning/StateMachines/Methods and /Service/Retirement/StateMachines/Methods classes.

Since the ManageIQ domain is locked, you would create a new domain and copy the service method class into your newly created domain and make your modifications there.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions.

Thanks a lot, that helps.

Looking forward to the 7th of October and meet the people that are building this awesome product