[SOLVED] External DB on another MIQ Appliance


I Want to connect a MIQ appliance with another MIQ.

I go to Configure > Configuration. I click into my zone, then i select database and in type i choose “External DB on another CFME Appliance”.

I made all changes in pg_hba.conf in host DB MIQ, so when i validate the passwd and the database_name everything looks ok.

But when i save the changes, an error message appears

Configuration of database settings not saved: ‘db:abort_if_pending_migrations’ failed due to error:Run ´rake db:migrate’ to update your database then try again

How i configure and external DB?


@gstaricco Are the two appliances at the same version level?

No. The MasterDB has the anand stable version and the new appliance has the botvinnik rc2 version.

You suggest that i must use the same version? If that the problem i will install a new anand stable appliance and try again.

@gstaricco Yes, please keep the version levels the same as there could be schema changes.

Great, now is working (using the Anand1 stable version)

There will be an option to upgrade Anand1 to botvinnik?


Hello @gstaricco, @Fryguy. I wonder if the MIQ UI has changed since this post was made. When I follow the steps you provided in your original post, gstaricco, I don’t find the database or database type. (see quote below) Does anyone know where these settings are found nowadays in ivanchuck-2? Thanks!

Hi @michaelbutak . I’m pretty sure that page in the application was removed a long time ago. If you want to connect ManageIQ to an external database, you will need to SSH into the appliance, and run the appliance_console . In there you will see a menu item for the feature you are looking for and just follow the prompts.

Thanks @Fryguy.