[SOLVED]How enable web console access with VRMC or VNC? (VMware provider)


I have tried to access via VMRC to my VMs from CloudForms, but every time when i try to access to the console i get this message “Remote Console plugin is not properly installed”. Things that i have made:

  • Test the web client access using the vcenter web client. It’s working fine.
  • Adding the URL of my UI server to the security trusted sites in internet options.
  • Change the security level to “low” the trusted sites.
  • Use 2 web browsers: Chrome and IE11. I get the messages “Remote Console plugin is not properly installed”.
  • I have downloaded and installed “VMware-ClientIntegrationPlugin-5.5.0” and restarted my PC, but i still have the problem.

Someone have any idea how can i fix it or if i need configure somethinf else?



I found the answer for my own. Only use Firefox and everything works fine. I don’t know why but i have downloaded Firefox (last version) and works. Finally i can open the web console and works great.