[solved]How to change IP address of MIQ?

Hi all:
I deploied MIQ vApp (manageiq-vsphere-stable.ova) on vSphere 5.5 , then MIQ get the ip from dhcp server.
But i cannot change the ip in the MIQ web console.
After the doc of MIQ , i could not find the info about it.
How could i change the ip of MIQ ?


I found it , from the VM console

Hey, there. Glad you figured it out! It’s not fully documented because the MIQ Appliance is pretty much set to go once you start it, but things come up, especially relate to networking, so here’s some additional information.

You can change many parameters from the black console, including dhcp, static ip, hostname, timezone, date, and time. In addition, you can test your network connections.

For future reference:

After starting the appliance, log in with a user name of admin and the default password of smartvm. The CloudForms Management Engine Appliance summary screen displays.

  1. Press Enter to manually configure settings.
  2. Press the number for the item you want to change, and press Enter. The options for your
    selection are displayed.
  3. Follow the prompts to make the changes.
  4. Press Enter to accept a setting where applicable.
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