[Solved] Schedule the execution of automation methods


how can I schedule the execution of automation methods?

I want to execute every 5 minutes a script already defined on my Datastore.


The simplest way of doing this is probably to use cron to schedule an external script to connect via the API, and run your automate method.

You could conceivably create a one-stage state machine with a relationship to your Instance, that retries itself every 5 minutes, and has an unlimited retry timeout. You’d still have to launch this initially though, again, possibly via the RESTful API

I believe that there’s an RFE in the works to be able to schedule Automation tasks using the in-built scheduler, but the granularity of this may only be one hour.

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I define a New alert:

  • based on an hourly timer évent.
  • with a condition that always évaluates To True.
  • that sends a management évent, which is the entry point of my automation.

Note that this is a workarround to a missing feature. It is not a True scheduling, but it is a trick to trigger périodic tasks… with a minimal period offre 1 hour, as far as I know.