[Solved] Use Database Operations and Database Maintenance?

Hi Everyone,

Where can we get more details on what the DB Ops server role and the appliance_console DB Maintenance options do?
Should we use both?
How do we use these in an appliance based, dedicated db situation. So MIQ appliance dedicated primary db and then another MIQ appliance dedicated slave, with replication. Do we need to run the ap_console on all the nodes? What happens after a failover?
Ideally that the DB Ops role covers everything and since its worker based, no action is required after a failover?


Specifically the database operations role is used for most of the tasks in the Diagnostics => Database screen.

I think there you can do vacuum and reindex as well as backup of the database.

Recently we have also moved the console maintenance options into the application and those will also run on the server with the database operations role.

Specifically in https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/pull/16929 and https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/pull/16940

Thats awesome, nice one thanks @carbonin