[Solved] Variables on Cloud-Init Customization Templates

I’m trying to use variables on a Cloud-Init Customization:

  fqdn = "#{evm[:vm_target_hostname]}.#{evm[:dialog_domain]}"
hostname: <%= fqdn %>

(“dialog_domain” is a dialog variable)

As I understand from the kickstart customization templates examples, it should work. It doesn’t, any idea?


The above code it’s ok.
The problem was on preprovisioning (variable should be proper defined):

service_template_provision_task = $evm.root['service_template_provision_task']
service_template_provision_task.miq_request_tasks.each do |child_task|
  grandchild_tasks = child_task.miq_request_tasks
  grandchild_tasks.each do |grandchild_task|
    grandchild_task.set_option(:dialog_domain, domain)