Spice without html5

Hi all,

Although the spice html5 console looks promising, at this moment I prefer Spice using the Firefox plugin and/or virt-viewer.

Currently I 'm playing around with ManageIQ botvinnik-1-rc2 and starting a console session will always start the html5 spice console.
How can I start a Spice console session without html5? (Like the one in oVirt/RHEV-M)


@martin_povolny Do you know the answer to this one?

Hi Langeman.

Our current goal is to provide a console in the browser w/o any 3rd party plugin or standalone software. The solution needs to be self-contained.

To connect to RHEV-M using a VNC or SPICE desktop client, use the RHEV-M management interface.

@martin_povolny i suggest considering support for the clients - spice.html5 is far in capabilities from spice itself.
the good thing is that you don’t need to “bring them”, just launch them.
you can use the .vv approach ovirt/rhev is using for launching them
easy to see the .ini format of the vv file here https://github.com/heinlein/ovirt-console (though its doing a different solution)

@iheim : Thanks for the feedback. I will include your suggestion here: https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/issues/2451 and consider it for the future works on the consoles.