Sprint 27 Report TODAY

Every three weeks, we discuss our sprint reports, and you can
participate in this process, as well as take a look at our handiwork
with a compiled image from this sprint.

To join the meeting live, go to our handy-dandy Bluejeans.com link.

Time: August 5, 2015 @ 7:30am PDT/10:30am EDT/14:30 GMT

Updates today include:

  • Sprint Statistics
  • Providers
  • User Interface
  • Automate
  • Provisioning
  • Rest API
  • Appliance Core
  • Developer Setup

I’ll add the report recording and slides to /blog on the main site once the video is uploaded to youtube.

Suggestion: Schedule these posts to notify of the Sprint Reports a day or two in advance instead of right before they start.

Sorry about that. I was on PTO last week and didn’t realize it was coming up this quickly. I’ll correct that oversight for the next one.

Incidentally, we do have a calendar called “ManageIQ events” which has the sprint reports on it: ManageIQ Events Calendar

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