Sprint Report 19 - Wed Feb 18

Date & time: Wed February 18, 10:30am Eastern US/15:30 UTC

Location: Bluejeans video conference

Today (Feb 18) is the date for our tri-weekly sprint report. Attending these will show you all of the latest things we're working on in the ManageIQ community.

To participate, go to the video conference (bluejeans)

Topics for today:

  • Rest API
  • UI Updates/I18n Status
  • Provider Architecture
  • Service Dialogs/Foreman/Orchestration
  • Preventing Event Storms
  • Appliance
  • Manageiq.org

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Can you please record the session? The start time doesn’t work so well in Australia, however i’d love an update on the content (particularly the Service Dialogs / Foreman section).



Hey, Matt.

Good news! All of the Sprint Reports are recorded. Shortly after the broadcast, they are posted to the Sprint Reports Playlist on YouTube.

You find the slide deck on SlideShare.