SSO Integration With ManageIQ


I am trying to integrate RedHat SSO with ManageIQ.
I am referring this document and followed each and every step as mentioned, but after enabling SSO and SAML I am getting following error :
“The requested URL /saml2/logout was not found on this server.”

When I disable SSO from cloudform then I can login without any issue.

In the document I am not very clear what 4.3.2 point# 8 means.

As per my understanding, when I add cloudforms as a client I give information like

  • Whar is the ‘Valid Redirect URIs’
  • ‘Logout Service Redirect Binding URL’

After enableing I tested each one of the binding URLs but none seems to be working for me.

I suspect that for when I configure client on SSO its not proper but I can’t figure out whats wrong. I don’t have any logs.

It would be great if someone can help me figuring out whats going wrong.

Version I am using :

  • Cloudform 4.6
  • SSO 7.0

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Hi @sabeer6870, perhaps you’re hitting this:

@catflap Thanks for the reply!!

I am referring to the this document(Which I believe is the updated one) i.e. I do not configure ‘Master SAML Processing URL’ while adding client to my SSO but still I face the same issue.

It does suggest a problem with the mapper/assertion config.

Is there anything interesting in the apache logs? /var/www/miq/vmdb/log/apache