Stale issues and pull requests

A LONG time ago, @chrisarcand wrote up a new command for the bot which will deal with old issues and PRs (See

The plan is to begin using this starting on Saturday, June 10. Initially, I’m expecting we will just run this against the ManageIQ/manageiq repo for a few weeks and if all goes well, we’ll open it up to most every repo in the ManageIQ organization.

What it will do:

  • A pull request or issue that hasn’t been updated (commented on, whatever) in the last 6 months is considered stale.
  • Stale issues are marked with the ‘stale’ label and commented on.
  • Stale pull requests are closed and commented on.
  • An issue or PR can be labeled with the ‘pinned’ label to block it from being marked as ‘stale’.

For more details on how it works and the rationale behind how it works, see the pull request link above.

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So, we updated the production bot with the stale issue marker, but forgot to actually enable it in the settings :laughing: . New date for the stale issue run will be Saturday, June 17. Sorry about that!

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