Support for cloud volumes inventory and management


Considering the management of cloud provider infrastructure, one useful feature seems missing.

Is there any plan to support cloud volumes (and snapshots) inventory and management through ManageIQ ?

I have some hope that this may be in the pipe, considering that the model is implemented and that tables already exist in the database, but I haven’t found any information about this subject.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi @asavin,

it is actually in the pipe. I believe we can collect volumes and snapshots today, but we haven’t integrated any of that into the UI yet. There are also some requests to have a better story for cloud storage in general.

So, we’re balancing some of the future feature work against what makes sense in a smaller scale. More to come as we get those details ironed out.


Thank you very much for this feedback.

Sorry to bother you, but is there any roadmap that you could share about this ?

I only found one card in the scoping state on MIQ’s trello.