Support for PostgreSQL 12

We now support running ManageIQ on PostgreSQL 12.

Previously, we only supported up to PostgreSQL 10.

You can see the official PostgreSQL versioning policy, numbering, upgrading, and release maintenance schedule by visiting the versioning support page.

PostgreSQL 11 contains many enhancements but the key improvements are in:

  • partitioning
  • parallelism
  • performance

While not explicitly tested, version 11 should work with ManageIQ.

The official 11.0 release notes have more information on the changes in PostgreSQL 11.

PostgreSQL 12 contains many improvements including but not limited to:

  • performance (indexes, partitioning, WAL, etc.)
  • administrative features:
    • REINDEX CONCURRENTLY without blocking writes on the table
    • More reporting statistics in CREATE INDEX, REINDEX, CLUSTER, VACUUM FULL, and pg_checksums
    • SQL/JSON path language support
    • case-insensitive/accent-insensitive grouping/ordering
  • Authentication features:
    • Added GSSAPI TCP/IP authentication support
    • Multi-factor authentication

The official 12.0 release notes have more information on the changes in PostgreSQL 12.

Because, it’s considered a major upgrade from 10 to 11 or 12, existing databases may require changes before upgrading to 12. As described in the PostgreSQL versioning documentation:

Major versions usually change the internal format of system tables and data files. These changes are often complex, so we do not maintain backward compatibility of all stored data. A dump/reload of the database or use of the pg_upgrade module is required for major upgrades. We also recommend reading the upgrading section of the major version you are planning to upgrade to."

Therefore, we are adding PostgreSQL 12 support in the Kasparov release but will neither ship nor test with it by default until the “L” release.

Finally, if you’re trying to get PostgreSQL 12 working in travis in your repository, you can visit this issue. We hope to simplify this for the “L” release.

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