Tag inheritance for cloud provider resources

Hi all,

I’ve been using ManageIQ ( actually G5 ) with Openstack providers for a while and I’ve wanted to explore the Expression Methods to use with my dynamics dialogs.

I have a user in group with RBAC filter based on a tag ( Department ).
As Expression methods fully support RBAC, I needed to tag resources with the desired Department tag to be able to list resources in my dropdown dialogs.

It works well when listing provider because I can tag them at creation manually. For example, I use expression method like this :

But, when I try to list to cloud tenants discovered via the same way ( like Cloud Tenant Name NOT EMPTY ), listing are empty because the cloud tenants are not tagged.

Is there a way to auto inherit tag the child resource of a tenant with a defined tag when a cloud tenant is “discovered” ?

I’ve seen the following but it seems that this is only for Infrastructure providers :


Another way to do this could be to check if desired resource are correctly tag with a specific tag each time the provider is refreshed ( and tag the resources if necessary ). Do you see any possible ways to call specific Automate methods during provider refresh ? I didn’t find any existing methods in the EMS event about cloud tenant creation.


I guess there should be Event you can use to kick off your tagging method. Have you tried to override /System/Event/EmsEvent/Openstack/identity.project.created?

Disclaimer: I am guessing, I haven’t used the event switchboard so far.
We use cron-jobs to periodically update the tags on your stuff, because our environments is relatively static.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve missed that one.

Unfortunately, events are not yet activated on my Openstack environments.

So, I guess I had to use cron-jobs to update the tags.

Thanks !