Targeted Refresh on OpenStack?


According to a CloudForms documentation (Deploying CloudForms at Scale), only VMWare and RHV supports targeted refresh, all other performs only full refresh. I suppose MIQ has the same behavior.

I was wondering why OpenStack does not support targeted refresh. Does anyone know what is the reason?


Giovanni Fontana

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This type of refresh is coming in 5.9 release of CFME and I think you can test it currently in MIQ Gaprindashvili

Is it possible that this can be expanded to include cloud tenants? Currently a full provider refresh just to retrieve new tenant details is quite painful.


Hi. I am testing currently targeted refresh for Openstack on 5.9 and not found any profit. VM provisioning still take a long time (30 - 40 minutes) on large multitenant environment (>2000 vms and other objects like networks, volumes)

I guess my hope is to avoid refreshing VM info altogether, and only retrieve tenant information

I want to say that so far this is not working as expected.