Tenant Documentation

I’m looking into MIQ tenant functionality but not finding much out there. In the official documentation I did a ctrl-f search and didn’t find anything. I noticed that the documentation available at http://manageiq.org/documentation/ says it’s for the Anand release, which is a few releases behind and so maybe it didn’t have tenant functionality and that’s why it’s not in the documentation. I looked at the CloudForms 4 documentation but it doesn’t seem to line up with what’s in MIQ.

I can see how to create tenants/projects and associate groups with them, but nothing beyond that. For example, how could we create a MIQ tenant/project and then restrict access to specific tenants. It looks like if I log into MIQ and my assigned group is assigned to a tenant and I create a catalog it will restrict that catalog to that tenant and say something like “Catalog (project1)”, but I only found this out by experimenting. Is this behavior documented somewhere?


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Hi @sg_chris, I’m trying to see how we can update those PDFs to the most recent update.

@gmccullough can you review this question from @sg_chris and forward to a SME if necessary.