Tenant list with orphans tenants

Morning at all.
In our environment we have 3 vmware VM with

  • ManageIQ Version euwe-1.20170317130307_99d8fcd

that we use like WebUI balanced from apache proxy balancer cluster, all work correctly.
We are attached 2 OpenStack providers.

If we try to get the complete tenants list from: Compute -> Cloud -> Tenants we can see the list of all tenants in the 2 openstack provider and others tenants without a CloudProvider column valorized.
We have tried to delete this orphans tenants from webgui, but when we try we received the error message:

Error text:

undefined method `my_zone’ for nil:NilClass [cloud_tenant/button]

How we can delete from cmp old tenants that don’t exists more in Openstack provider?