Tenant Quota Actual Consumption

I am using ManageIQ+ oVirt.
And would like to use Tenant Quota feature.

I thought it will be oVirt way:

  • Grant 5 vCPUs
  • Create 3 VMs with 5+ CPUs (2 VM with 3 vCPU and 1 with 4 vCPU )

If this VMs will consume more then 5 vCPU, oVirt will create alert and/or limit them to 5vCPU.

But using ManageIQ seems like it is not posible :frowning:
Creating 2nd VM with 3vCPU i got error - 2 vCPUs left in quota.

Is it possible to configure Tenant Quota Overcommit (with limitations to Quota ) in ManageIQ?

As far as I know, Quotas are only checked during the provision workflow, if the user is allowed to provision another VM or not.

What’s your use-case for that? ManageIQ does monitor events raised by the provider. You could configure quotas in oVirt, if the user exceeds the quota, oVirt will raise an alert, ManageIQ can (probalby) catch that event do something with that

thank you for reply

You could configure quotas in oVirt

Hmmm, Is it possible to connect Users/Roles in oVirt and ManageIQ ?

My use-case.
Dev team - got 10 vCPU and 30Gb RAM, they don’t want to stop/start/delete Vms to fit to Quota.
They would like to Create 100+ VMs (Dev, stage, test, RC …) and limit actual resources to 10 vCPU and 30Gb RAM, As VMs are not active at the same time.
So, The point is to Apply Quota but, i would like to work it with Actual resources, not the configuration settings.

What do you want ManageIQ to do, if the quota is exceeded?

I think monitoring and enforcing the actual quota should be left to oVirt.
ManageIQ is probably able to react to the alert raised by oVirt and can trigger some action to remediate the situation, or generate some kind of “you-use-80-percent-of-your-quota” report/notification/mail.

The oVirt provider probably won’t expose oVirts local user database and are therefore not linked to anything out of the box. If you have a external user database (i.e. LDAP) you can already identify users accross the two tools