Tendlr SDS integration


I noticed from within the CentOS-devel mailing list a RedHat project called Tendlr,
Tendlr provides provisioning, management and monitoring of storage systems, currently Ceph and Gluster.
Is that a project that can be integrated with ManageIQ.
I would like the idea that I can provision and manage Ceph and Gluster also with ManageIQ.

The project site: https://github.com/Tendrl


@blomquisg can you review this question from @Mike_Hulsman and forward to a SME if necessary.

Hi @Mike_Hulsman,

This sounds like a really interesting idea. The ManageIQ team just recently finished separating out Cinder and Swift storage providers from general “cloud” providers. And, I think this paves the way to start looking at Ceph and Gluster as first class citizens in ManageIQ.

Rich Oliveri (@rpo) is leading up the team that’s working on storage providers. Let’s loop him into the conversation to see what the workload looks like for storage providers. In the meantime, take a look over some of our guides and docs. Specifically, there’s some docs on providers that might be helpful in understanding how ManageIQ integrates provider information.

/cc @rpo

Hi @blomquisg

I only asked here because the Tendlr is also a RedHat project, I think it has overlap with MIQ.
The integration part I cannot help, my programming skills are not that deep. I can help with testing Gluster stuff when needed.
Thanks for the cc to @rpo

This is the Answer I got from Tendrl.

​​​​​Hi Mike

Yes there are plans and we have had some discussions along these lines. It
would make an excellent extension to Tendrl capabilities because ultimately
having management of your virtual and cloud infrastructure along with
storage has great benefit to operators. Please let us know what you find
out from the ManageIQ community. I think the advantage we provide is a
single integration point and a management backplane for SDS that means
potentially one provider for Ceph, Gluster and future storage technologies.

The initial challenge is to get ManageIQ schemas updated to accommodate
data from Tendrl APIs related to Ceph and Gluster. Mrugesh and Anup have
done some work around this already so perhaps they can share what they have

Maybe the best is that @blomquisg and @rpo will contact Tendrl about this.

Does Tendrl have any relationship to USM (unified storage manager)? It sounds like they have the same goal.

Yes it is the same team, though the next release will have significant changes and a new upstream project named Tendrl. See http://github.com/Tendrl

Good links - thanks. I don’t see anything on storage providers though. I imagine that is because we are blazing new trails here right?

@japplewhite Exactly! Yeah, the storage provider space is all brand new.